"The wrinkled sea beneath him crawls; he watches from his mountain walls and like a thunderbolt he falls!"


"Oreiades" by Julian Rowe, artist in oils
JUlian Rowe Art Space Gallery St Ives. "Dryad No 6"
Dryad 5 - Julian Rowe artist in oils
Dryad 4 by Julian Rowe oil painter
Hirondelles by Julian Rowe. Art Space gallery St Ives
Dryad 2 - Julian Rowe artist in oils
Dryad 3 by Julian Rowe, oil painter
magnolia with swallows Julian Rowe oil painting
Peregrine Falcon. Julian Rowe, oil painter
Julian Rowe oil paintings. "Pink, blue, black and white".
rhododendron with woodpecker oil painting Julian Rowe
Mountain Hare Julian Rowe Oil Paintings
oil paintings by Julian Rowe Melville
Lizzy Oil painting by Julian Rowe
julian rowe oil painter cornwall
oil painter cornwall barred owl
Oil Painting Whwn that enraptured overflow of singing into silence dies...
Oil Painting rabbit in snow 1
Oil Painting The goldfinch
Oil Painting Halcyon
Oil Painting The leveret
Oil Painting Mountain hare
Oil Painting The magpie
oil painting Gull on a roof
Oil Painting Vantage point
Oil Painting Magpies
Oil Painting Ahab
Oil Painting yellowhammer
Oil Painting On the lookout
oil painting the fox and the magpie
oil paintings the blustery day
Oil painting Red fox in snowfield
oil painting herring gull on an upturned boat
Oil Painting Nuthatch
Oil Painting Lesser Spotted Woodpecker
Oil Painting Goldfinch
oil paintings American Kestrel
Oil painting American Kestrel 2
Oil painting Barn Owl
Oil painting Osprey at sunset
Oil painting Peregrine
Oil Painting The Owl in Winter snow
oil painting Gu8ll on a windy day St Ives September
oil painting Arthur
oil painting breaking cover