I have been painting, with slowly increasing degrees of success,

since I was one year old.

About me

When I first realised what could be done with paint, I knew that I liked it and that I should keep at it. Some time later, after studying graphic design for four years, I began to do graphics for a living, but I missed the expression available to the fine artist. I also missed the sheer joy of it; the exploration and the mystery and the mess. I decided to become a painter for real.
Over time, I have refined my style towards a generous impasto application of paint and the rich, sumptuous quality that this can convey, even within the brushmarks themselves. If a painting of mine gives a sense of being part of a story or a scene, then I feel that I have succeeded. If it gives a strong sense of atmosphere, again, this is what I have striven for.
I am very happy to take commissions, including portraits. I can arrange for prints to be produced from any of my paintings at a fraction of the cost of originals.